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Complete Proposal Review Services (Red Team Review)

Are you frustrated with negative evaluation responses? At Write Works, we can help you increase your win ratio. We offer clients a complete proposal review process (referred to as a “Red Team” review). The purpose of this review is to simulate the client evaluation process, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal.

We will provide you with recommendations for improvement based on the following criterion:

  • Have you followed the formatting instructions provided in the request for proposal?
  • Is each mandatory and rated criterion addressed in full?
  • Is your response to each individual criterion clearly understandable to a reviewer without your expertise?
  • Is your bid compelling with clear themes?
  • Is the tone and quality of the language consistent?
  • Spelling and Grammatical structure;
  • Overall appearance.

A complete review may also be conducted ‘post mortem’ to improve future bid submissions.

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