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Proposal Management Services

Do you find the Request for Proposal and tender process daunting? Whether you wish to work with the public or private sector, Write Works can help you develop a strategic approach to managing and developing proposal responses.

Our Proposal Management service may be customized to suit the needs of your business, from the initial review of a potential bid opportunity, through to the final completion and submission of your bid. This may include any or all of the following:

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Registration as a Supplier

Not sure where to begin as a new Supplier? At Write Works we are familiar with registration processes. We can assist you with any required paperwork and make sure you are ready to begin providing services.

Developing a Bid / No Bid Review Process

This process helps bidders identify corporate risks, insurance requirements, and determine win probability. Avoid spending valuable time and resources writing bids that are not a good fit for your business. Increase your team’s success rate with a detailed evaluation process prior to bid development.

Interpreting Bid Documents / Addendums And Communicating With Contracting Authorities

At Write Works we take the confusion out of the bidding process. Our team works with you to identify and clarify any areas of concern within the Statement of Work or evaluation criterion that could result in a lost bid or, unwanted risk to your business. We are happy to contact contracting authorities to request clarification, changes to the solicitation, or an extension to the submission deadline.

Managing the Bid Development Process

With over 15 years of industry experience, we understand that our clients are busy and may not have the time or resources to track bid production, materials, or deadlines. We will work with your team to: develop a project plan for bid completion, track materials required from subject matter experts, create a final high quality bid response, and, ensure bid submission prior to the deadline.

The Creative Process - Bid Development

At Write Works we recognize that your business may work with multiple Subject Matter Experts for any given proposal submission. We work closely with your team to develop specialized content in response to evaluation criterion. Our job: ensure that your content is written and displayed in a manner that is easily understood by contracting authorities. We take pride in making your business shine!

Final Bid Review Process

Submitting any proposal response can be a nerve-wracking process. Let us help you remove some of this stress. We offer a full quality-control process. We’ll not only help you create your proposal, we will review the final product for clarity of content, language and formatting. Let an outside reviewer make sure that you are compliant with all evaluation criteria, while making your business stand out from the competition.

Quality Control Checklist

Concerned that your Quality Assurance process may not capture everything required in the bid review process? We develop customized checklists that will help you make sure your proposal submissions are clear and consistently compliant with requirements.

Increase your Win Ratio: Understand the Proposal Debriefing Process

Are you frustrated with the bidding process because you lost a bid that was perfectly matched with your services? We love to see our clients win, but sometimes even the best proposals do not result in a win. As part of the proposal management process, Write Works will advise you on how to request and approach a debrief session with the contracting authority. We can help you determine which questions to ask and how to interpret the responses received so you improve your win ratio. On request, we are happy to participate in and interpret debriefing sessions.