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Complete Grant Review and Editing Service

Would you like to gain a competitive edge and increase your success rate with grant or funding applications? We offer clients a complete grant review and editing process to improve and strengthen the quality of your grant submission. The purpose of this review is to simulate the grantor / funder evaluation process, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your grant submission.
  • Does your proposal parallel the funding organization’s strategic goals, mission, and mandate?
  • Have you provided all of the requested additional materials (ex. Letters of Support, Media Releases, Partnership Agreements, Sustainability Plans, etcetera.)?
  • Did you respond to all questions posed in the application?
  • Are your project plan and methodology thorough enough for a non-subject matter expert?
  • Does your proposal reflect a passion for your project, vision and mandate?
  • Are there any areas that might not be easily understood by members of a review panel?
  • Did you follow the funding organization’s instructions for completion?
  • Is the tone and quality of the language in your proposal consistent?
  • Have you used language that the review panel will identify with?
  • Is your spelling and grammatical structure correct?
  • Does the overall format of your grant demonstrate grant-readiness?
Have you recently lost a grant application and aren’t sure why. We can provide you with a customized debrief to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Our clients then apply these recommendations to future applications, effectively increasing their win ratio.
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