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Bid Prospecting / Monitoring Services

Do you want to increase your business volume, but don’t have the time to browse the many websites listing tender opportunities? Do you have business prospects and clients that would love to work with you, but can’t because you are not on their contracting vehicles (Supply Arrangements, Standing Offers, Vender of Record lists)?

At Write Works, we understand this frustration. Let us do the research for you. Don’t miss out on that perfect opportunity, refresh solicitation or re-competition. Our bid prospecting services let you focus on managing your business and connecting with clients. Based on your geographical coverage and expertise, we create a unique set of search criterion to identify tender opportunities. Write Works applies these search parameters to monitor tender sites, identify opportunities, and provide your company with an executive summary of applicable tenders.

This service is ideal for busy entrepreneurs without the administrative staff to regularly monitor tender sites. Let us save you time and energy by customizing our services to meet your individual requirements.

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